We can support you or your small team on your journey to becoming confident in your digital accessibility skills.

Whether you’re starting from the beginning, want to upskill, or looking for validation we can support you. 

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Who do we coach?


From beginners who are just getting into digital accessibility, to already advanced developers looking for confirmation and a second opinion. 

“passionate, professional, friendly, responsive and open to questions; making the learning process smooth and enjoyable.”
-Jane Ots, Digital Communications Specialist, Accessibility Person of the Year 2021

“I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from Matt over the past year, and I can genuinely say he’s played a significant role in my growth as an advocate for accessibility. He’s not only a great person but also an exceptional accessibility engineer.”
-Gary Byrne, Senior Frontend Engineer


We also coach small teams or businesses to achieve your accessibility goals. Our wide-ranging experience can provide support for a lot of teams, from content, design, communications, development, procurement and management.

Not sure what's right for you?

If you’re not sure where to start or just need to talk to someone, we’ll set up a free online consulting session to determine the first steps of your Accessibility Journey.

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