We will connect with your team via our practical, simple, and engaging training sessions.

Our training is designed to be bespoke to your organisation. This involves providing real and existing examples to show how you can uplift your digital accessibility.

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What can our training cover?

First and foremost, our training is flexible to your needs and accessibility goals. We can focus on just one accessibility concept or disability group, or create a course that covers everything your team needs.

We conduct sessions online or in-person, and length can range from 1 or more hours to multi-day training sessions.

Our training sessions are designed to be tailored for your teams level of ability and influence. We can help if you’re a small business working by yourself on your first website, all the way to large organisations who build everything in-house.

Digital accessibility awareness

Digital Accessibility Awareness training is about gaining understanding of how people with disabilities engage with digital products and services.  

This will involve learning the many ways that people engage with digital content and what you need to consider when creating content. 

Disability awareness

We have extensive knowledge in engaging with the disability community and can provide awareness training for an organisation that needs to understand better how to support their staff and customers/clients with disabilities.

Communications and marketing accessibility

Access to online content is a vital part of digital accessibility, but how you produce your social media or communications can greatly impact people with disabilities from being able to access your content.

Communications and Marketing accessibility deep dives into techniques that you need to ensure that you’re creating accessible content every post and article.

Assistive technology

We demonstrate many assistive technologies and how they interact with your digital products, along the way providing advice on how accessibility can be improved.

Assistive technologies we can demonstrate include screen readers, magnifiers, high contrast modes, text to speech, keyboard-based input and others.

Document accessibility

Everyone can create their own accessible documents to share internally or with your clients. We teach you the skills on how to do this efficiently but effectively. This covers WCAG criteria that are relevant for documents, as well as Word/PowerPoint and PDF techniques.

Event accessibility

Running your own event and want to ensure it’s accessible for speakers and attendees with disabilities? We can guide you through what you need and provide resources that allow you to have a seamless event that allows everyone to participate.

Not sure what's right for you?

If you’re not sure where to start or just need to talk to someone, we’ll set up a free online consulting session to determine the first steps of your Accessibility Journey.

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